Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ginger, my Ginger

Oh, heavenly spell, let me crack that lid open again to sniff that perfume, and again... this is a special but silly moment, even broaching the subject of trying to convey to you digitally what's happening for me olfactorily right now.
This is the last indulgent few slices of ginger we pickled in vinegar (a change for us at the time) in Spring '09. We've had ginger keep mellowing and last almost this long before but this is something else, the nose is deeper and more fully developed, mellower yet richer, as it tastes. Like an angular, angry teenager or a Cabernet, ginger's beauty takes time to mature after fermentation. We originally preferred using whey as the inoculant for ginger, it left a creamier side to the flavor profile but it didn't keep as long. The vinegar-pickled batches are sharper initially but really show up to party after a few months in the fridge, quietly rounding off the sharp bits. There, I made it the whole way without making a Cougar joke!

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