Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Temperature Controlled Ferment Cabinet

Anyone got a kitchen cabinet they don't need?
I'm working on plans for an insulated curing cabinet with active heating/cooling, so we can pickle all year long and still maintain control over temperature. Keeping it local and frugal, I'm looking for a free-cycled kitchen cabinet, the under-the-counter kind but free standing, with one or two doors. I'm going to insulate it and make spaces above and below for a heating element and a cooling element. With a sliding horizontal divider to close one or the other off, we'll be able to maintain specific temperature ranges, whether heating or cooling the cabinet space. The cooling element can be as stupid simple as coffee cans or water bottles full of ice, periodically replaced. The heating bit could be a hot rock from the pet store but I'll try a light bulb first.
And if I get my hands on a dorm fridge, that's another level altogether, get to hack in a digital controller and mebbe play with moving the hot and cold elements around...
Happy pickling, y'all! Remember, if it smells off, toss it!

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