Tuesday, December 4, 2007

2 Dec at Stelly's, updated 11Dec, 12Dec

Stelly has a bangin' kitchen!
escabiche with cabbage and cauliflower added, eight jars
orange relish, four jars
ginger fermented with whey, five small jars (one fine-sliced, like for sushi)

Problem: cabbage, cauliflower, and small, whole peppers like to float- the oil seal isn't looking good. We'll have to pull the bits out of the oil once fermentation is done- they won't have fermented. Larger jars or using the crock can help with this, also require less oil.

Update: we'll pull almost 25% of the stuff out and eat it quick, depending on smell. We're waiting for the oil to congeal to ease this process- should be able to pull the whole layer out whole.

Possible solution: soak veggies in water overnight (cabbage would need to get cut first for this)

Chicken stock: three packs of chicken feet made eight ice-cube trays. Very clean flavor, very rich, too! Cooked for almost four hours, sufficient.

Materials cost is working out to about $5 per jar, not including glass. Folks, please be on the lookout for free/cheap jars with good lids... There is a chance that Central City Co-op will be able to offer wholesale pricing on vinegar and oil.

Update II: the sliced ginger looks great but there's mold at the oil/air boundary on top. If it passes the smell test upon opening, we'll try to cleanly scoop out the offending bits and see if the ginger below held its own. The rest of the ginger came out fine, so it's surmised that this particular jar wasn't cleaned well enough.

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