Tuesday, December 4, 2007

26 Nov at Pat n Christy's

Beets night. Four jars of Co-op beet Kvass. Yogurt is strained to separate the cheese from the biologically-active whey. Whey and salt are added to water (refer to newer post on Beet Kvass) that covers the beets. Ferment for 2-3 days. Drink the juice but don't eat the beets yet. Once this batch is done, top off with more water, ferment again for a second batch. Won't work a third time. The batch came out nicely, good clean taste. Have a small glass per day.
We also used the whey to ferment some local, homegrown beets, they are delicious-- I drink kvass because it's good for me, not from being a beets fan (hell, I'm a recovering picky eater) but these beets tasted really good! Check Christy's comment for a couple more details.
The dikon radish did not work out, whew! I suspect it was too far gone already.

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IntraSpeck said...

The local beets, cultured, were AMAZING. It helps to start with good ingredients, also half of the beets were white or chiggona varieties, so the flavor is more delicate.